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Magic Cards Holder

Magic Cards Holder

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Slim Elegance in Your Pocket – Mini Men's Card Holder Wallets with Zipper Coin Pocket

Experience the perfect blend of style and functionality with our Mini Men's Card Holder Wallets. Crafted from quality PU leather, these wallets redefine convenience while exuding sophistication. Designed for modern men on the go, these slim wallets feature a zipper coin pocket, ensuring you can carry your essentials with ease and style.

  • Sleek Charm Card Wallet: Elevate your style with our Sleek Charm Card Wallet. This mini men's accessory is more than a card holder; it's a fashion statement. Crafted from quality PU leather, it combines sophistication with functionality, offering a slim and stylish solution for your essentials.
  • Zipper Magic Men's Wallet: Unleash the magic of organization with our Zipper Magic Men's Wallet. This compact wallet features a zipper coin pocket, ensuring your essentials stay secure. Quality PU leather adds a touch of luxury to this slim and efficient credit card case.
  • Slimline Precision Card Case: Experience precision in design with our Slimline Precision Card Case. This mini men's purse is crafted with finesse, providing a slim and organized solution for your credit cards and bank cards. The PU leather exudes quality, making it a must-have accessory.
  • Compact Elegance Coin Holder: Carry elegance in your pocket with our Compact Elegance Coin Holder. This mini men's wallet combines style and functionality effortlessly. The quality PU leather and thoughtful design create a small purse that makes a big impact on your daily essentials.
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Due to high demand, orders may take between 2-4 weeks to arrive.

What payment methods do you support?

We accept all major credit cards (VISA, Mastercard, AMEX) and PayPal payments.

What if I don't receive my order?

If you don't receive your order within 30 days after shipping, you are eligible for a full refund.

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Please contact us at

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Please contact us if you have received merchandise that is incorrect, missing, and/or defective. Please include your order number, photographs of the item(s) and all related references upon receiving your package. We will do our very best to resolve your case as soon as possible.

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